Wednesday, February 25, 2015

THE TIME HAS COME: My goals & promises to not come back home with a “Gael”

I am so close to writing this whole blog post with my caps lock on because THE WAIT IS OVER.
Enough that I may be managing to do Jimmy Falon’s jig and Tina Fey’s pep-filled run at the same time. 
Which takes skill.
Therefore, I am skillfully managing to look ridiculous at this moment.

Anyways, in a couple of hours I will be on a plane headed for Central America to begin my study abroad adventure. I've had a wonderful time at home, making new friends and visiting old ones, but I am so incredibly ready to leave and begin making memories that I will surely never forget.

The goals I have for this trip are pretty standard:
1) Learn to speak Spanish
2) Be open to trying new things
3) Convince my mind and body that I am not on a vacation and that I actually have classes to ace

Now, part of this post’s title may have been confusing. For those who have not watched “How I Met Your Mother”, a main character, Robin Scherbatsky had left New York to live in Argentina for a few months. When Robin returned, she brought back more than new outlooks and a change of style. She brought back… Gael

I would say that this is one of my mother’s top nightmares at the moment. She has told me countless times to keep myself from falling for man from Costa Rica because she’s afraid that I would end up staying there permanently. Normally, I would tell her “Ma, don’t worry about it... Hispanic guys aren't my type anyways”. However, my past dating pool deceives me.

So all I can do is make promises to her as well as to myself.

I promise to fulfill my goals.
I promise to make smart choices.
And, like Robin, I also promise to experience the country I am living in to the fullest. Although rather than bringing home a Gael, I hope to bring back Costa Rican recipes, adventurous stories, lessons learned, and (a very unlikely) tan.

See you in four months Florida!

Adios, para ahora!

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